Protection against extreme violence

This plan for protection against extreme violence has an internal focus: it is intended for the organization and its employees.In this contribution I write my own opinion, not that of any organization.
Author: Manu Steens


This document attempts to summarize a set of guidelines upon which you can generate a BCP approach by implementing it. Thus, it is both a vision to BCP for terror, extreme violence and bomb-threat, and a listing of measures that you can include and further develop in a BCP.


Extreme violence is any act of violence, reminiscent of an act of terror. In doing so, we temporarily shift the question to what is terrorism.

The Judicial Code defines terrorism as the use of violence against persons or material interests for ideological, religious or political reasons with the aim of achieving its objectives through terror, intimidation or threats. This definition is also in the Law regulating intelligence and security services.

Possible actions that terrorists can carry out include arson, detonating rigs, hijacking means of transportation, releasing hazardous materials, disrupting water and electricity supplies, threatening, kidnapping and taking personnel hostage, …

Since not only terrorists can commit these acts, but also mafia or gang members, upset people, or mentally ill people, we prefer to speak of ‘protection against extreme violence’ in this paper.

Manu Steens

Manu works at the Flemish Government in risk management and Business Continuity Management. On this website, he shares his own opinions regarding these and related fields.

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