About Manu Steens

This website allows me to ventilate my thoughts on Business Continuity Management, Risk Management, Crisis Management and the like. You are free to explore it. Membership is free. For that you simply enter your e-mail address via the “Register” link.

Who & what am I?

I am a Master of Science, Option Physics, and Master of Sciences in Engineering, Option Physics. After wandering around the job market, after 7 years being a consultant, I became a public servant at the Flemish government.

There I got the chance to do ICT security since 2003 and now since 2013 Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management for the Flemish government. It is through that course that I picked up the virus of everything that has to do with risks.

One thought on “About Manu Steens

  1. Hey Manu, altijd leuk en interessant om je tegen het lijf te lopen! Ik kijk uit naar jouw recenties en schrijfsels. Zoals je weet zijn we bezig aan de BOK voor het CIP Institute en zal je daar ook zeker je gading vinden om je kennis te delen.

    Tot binnenkort,


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