A Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Author: James C. Barnes

In this book, the author brings together his wisdoms that he collected during the execution of his work as a consultant in the business continuity branch. They are not high-flowing theories, rather a collection of facts that he illustrates very extensively with fairly complete examples, which, after interpretation of their own business and possible adaptation to their own templates, are ready for use.

Specifically, the author gives examples of:

–     a work plan
–     an offer,
–     a policy statement
–     a BIA
–     crisis procedures
–     Other…

In addition, he goes through the development of BCM as through a project. Each phase of the project is a chapter, seasoned with practical examples that provide inspiration for the ‘own work’ of the reader.

That is why the book is interesting for a practical person, regardless of whether he / she is a consultant or has to set up BCM for his or her own organization.

Manu Steens

Manu works at the Flemish Government in risk management and Business Continuity Management. On this website, he shares his own opinions regarding these and related fields. Since 2012, he has been working at the Crisis Centre of the Flemish Government (CCVO), where he has progressed in BCM, risk management, and crisis management. Since August 2021, he has been a knowledge worker for the CCVO. As of January 2024, he works at the Department of Chancellery and Foreign Affairs of the Flemish Government. Here, he combines BCM, risk management, and crisis management to create a tailored form of resilience management to meet the needs of the Flemish Government.

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